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Groups MrBirtles Created


    Harpenden Pubs

    Just a group to discuss pubs and the like rather than review...

    14 members


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    Techie stuff

    Anything related to technology, computers, gadgets etc.

    13 members

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    A group to discuss the natural environment of Harpenden.

    19 members

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    Website Design

    Sunder Web Vision a outsource web site design development & SEO Service Company. Our service affordable website application Search Engine Optimization India.

    4 members

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    7 members

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    Get all of the latest Harpenden Events news and join the discussion on the Harpenden

    123 members

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Stephen Morris

Why I like Harpenden

Small town/village feel. Attractive surroundings. Still a few independant shops. Pasta Cibo.

Why I don't like Harpenden

To many coffee shops, idiots in 4x4s, idiots pushing 4x4 pushchairs, women whose life revolves around having their hair done (and coffe shops, wine bars, their offsprings schools, etc.). Speedhumps.


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